As I sit here and write this blog, from the comfort of my bed, on a Wednesday afternoon, child happily playing in the other room, I am in the height of summer relaxation mode. The day is gloomy so there is no pressure to head outside, and I am realizing that this pace, while greatly appreciated and much needed, is not going to last forever. Fall is just around the corner, bringing with it a fabulously fashionable, crazy work calendar for me and a plethora of scheduling needs for Grey. Cue school year pandemonium.

One truth about me: I need organization to my chaos. In light of that, I have put together the below list of incremental optimizations to save time and sanity when trying to get out the door in the morning:

Streamline: a thoroughly edited wardrobe is the key to success. Eliminating wardrobe white noise will ensure you focus on pieces that work for you.

Get reacquainted: take the time to try on each piece in your wardrobe and be realistic about what fits and flatters. Keep only what works for your current lifestyle and style.

Purchase strategically: create a buy plan that addresses gaps in your wardrobe and prioritize these purchases.

Build your foundation: a strong line-up of basics is integral to getting dressed quickly. These pieces can stand on their own or complement the more directional pieces in your wardrobe.

Shop your closet: avoid the the online shopping vortex. If you have the urge to browse, use that time to put outfits together with pieces you already own.

Organize: a closet organized by classification (ie, blouses, pants, skirts, dresses, etc) will ensure that you know where to find each item and will remind you when specific items are at the cleaner.

Leverage your time effectively: isolate time each week to review your calendar and choose outfits in advance. Five minutes now could save you fifty minutes later.

Compartmentalize: set aside “go to” outfits for common scheduling needs. A well-executed uniform is always better than nothing.

Be proactive: prep your look in advance. Steaming and ironing are much more easily accomplished the night before you wear the outfit.

Optimize: the above listed incremental optimizations will have a huge impact on your morning, saving both time and emotional space.

With a little planning, some faith and a lot of coffee, we can get through this. I swear!

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